The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

My lifelong dream finally came true. Okay, not lifelong, the park only opened in 2010. So for eight years I've been dreaming of visiting. It was everything I wished it would be! On our first day at Universal, we had some ticket trouble. Indy, the champion, went back to our hotel to get our travel... Continue Reading →


Harry Potter Collection

I know there are many, many people in the world with more in their Harry Potter collections than me, but there are also people with less... So I thought it would be fun to list ALL the Harry Potter things that I own. Books Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone Paperback 20th paperback 20th hardback Spanish translation UK adult... Continue Reading →

How To: Make Sorting Cupcakes

We've all seen many, many Harry Potter recipe videos and on Pinterest. When I celebrated #HarryPotterBookNight with some friends, I decided to make Sorting Cupcakes! I'm actually gluten intolerant, so I found a gluten free chocolate cupcake recipe on BBCGoodFood. Any cupcake recipe should work though. Ingredients: 250g Butter, At room temperature 250g Caster Sugar... Continue Reading →

Is Pottermore Right About Me?

I'm going to admit that I googled 'book blog post ideas' got this idea from Wonderfully Bookish. A post about your Pottermore sorting, including your Hogwarts and Illvermorny houses, wand, patronus etc. I'm not a huge Pottermore user, but I've got it. So for this post, I'll be discussing my original sortings, patronus and wand... Continue Reading →

Characters Like Me

Hermione Granger from Harry Potter I think we’re all Hermione. She’s intelligent, logical, driven, enthusiastic, caring and loyal. I hope that I am those things. I always felt connected to Hermione, but who among us didn’t? Although I particularly identified with her hair. Described as bushy and growing sideways, my hair has always been something... Continue Reading →

A Life Shaped by Harry Potter

I do not even remember when I read Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone for the first time. What I do remember is going to a dress-up party as Hermione when I was about six, reciting Ron’s howler with my friends and reassuring my mother that the books and movies weren’t too scary. The one... Continue Reading →

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