25 Blog Post Ideas

I have struggled with coming up with ideas for blog posts as all bloggers do. I’ve also read other bloggers ‘blog ideas’ posts, I know they’ve helped me so I thought I’d do my own!

  1. Book Review – A staple for all book bloggers!
  2. Adaptation review/discussion – Could be a movie or TV show, but there are so many adaptions of our favourite books it’s great to review them or discuss what we liked or didn’t about various adaptations.
  3. Reading habits discussion – This could be a tag, or just a discussion about your habits. Do you use bookmarks? Always have a drink or snack? Only read at night?
  4. Top recommendations – I did this one recently. What books do you recommend to anybody and everybody?
  5. Book tag – There are so many of these around that you can participate in! You don’t have to be tagged either, find them on other blogs or look up your fave movies, TV shows, books etc to find a cool tag!
  6. Favourite Genres – Could be many different posts; your fave books in different genres, a discussion of why you like or don’t like certain genres etc.
  7. Top ships/couples – Always a fun one! You can do your fave canon ships, headcanon ships, from a particular fandom, least favourite relationships and more!
  8. Your Pottermore – A good one for Harry Potter fans. Sign up for Pottermore and get sorted into your houses, get a wand and a patronus then discuss the results.
  9. Bookish recipe – You can create or adapt your own recipe, or taste different recipes for a fandom food (like homemade Butterbeer etc.)
  10. Wrap-Ups – Monthly, bi-monthly, annual, whatever works for you!
  11. Reading Resolutions – A good one for the start or middle of the year, what books will you get off your TBR? How many books would you like to read? Want to start or finish a series?
  12. Bookish bucket list – Create a list of the books you want to read before you die (classics, rereads, a loved one’s favourite book etc.) or a bookish bucket list (going to Harry Potter World, Trinity College, Prince Edward Island etc.)
  13. Characters you relate to – What characters do you think you are like?
  14. Top non-fiction reads – Recommend a few memoirs, biographies, essay collections etc.
  15. Why you started a book blog – Tell the story of how you got here, why you started blogging, vlogging, instagramming etc. How have you grown since then?
  16. Bookshelf organisation – Definitely include pictures! Do you organise by colour, genre, author? Why?
  17. Write your own book tag – I’m so glad I did this one, it was so fun! It can be whatever you want! I created the Zac Efron Book Tag earlier this year.
  18. Books you never finished – What books have you marked ‘Did Not Finish’? Why?
  19. Get to know the blogger – Could be x number of facts about you, what you do when you’re not reading and blogging, whatever you want to tell your readers.
  20. Rereading discussion – Have you reread a childhood favourite? One of your favourite books from a few years ago? Has the way you feel about the book changed? Did you remember the story differently?
  21. Books that impacted you – This could be books that have changed the way you feel or your opinion on something, books that really stuck with you. I did a version of this for 21 books on my 21st birthday.
  22. TV show, movies, music, podcasts etc. – Just because you’re a book blogger doesn’t mean every post has to be bookish! Review a movie or TV series you loved, what are the top podcasts you’d recommend?
  23. Confessions – What are your bookish confessions? Do you dog ear books? Never read Harry Potter? Hated one of those books everyone loves? Spill your guts!
  24. Bookshelf breakdown – How many books do you own? Read and unread? Multiple copies or editions? Break it down, get the stats and make an infographic!
  25. Favourite authors – Who are your top authors? Do you have an auto buy author?

I hope that this list helped or inspired you in some way. Keep blogging!


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