Take Three Girls by Cath Crowley, Fiona Wood and Simmone Howell


Ady – not the confident A-Lister she appears to be.
Kate – brainy boarder taking risks to pursue the music she loves.
Clem – disenchanted swim-star losing her heart to the wrong boy.

All are targeted by PSST, a toxic website that deals in gossip and lies. St Hilda’s antidote to the cyber-bullying? The Year 10 Wellness program. Nice try – but sometimes all it takes is three girls.


That synopsis pretty much sums this book up perfectly. I love the line at the end, ‘nice try – but sometimes all it takes is three girls’. It implies that these girls are fierce, badass and super awesome – which they are.

These three girls take on the world in ways that they didn’t think was possible on their own. As they became friends and more open to new people and opportunities, all three of them grew and became better people in my eyes.

I really liked Ady, she was so cool. Interested in fashion and wearable art, I loved the sound of her style and I like to think that we’d be friends IRL. I didn’t connect with Kate immediately, but as the other girls became closer with her I started to really like her. It was as if I got to know Kate at the same time as Ady and Clem.

Of the three girls, I connected with Clem the least. But I know that is one of the amazing things about this book. Because we have three amazing main characters, we’re all going to see ourselves somewhere in Ady, Kate and Clem. Personally, I related more to Ady and Kate.

PSST is similar to other mean social media sites in other books, movies and tv shows that we’ve all seen. However, PSST is different in the way everyone reacts. True or false? How different people trust these sites is always the most interesting. One of the most popular ones would be Gossip Girl, and I will say that the identity of PSST was a shock and not at all disappointing.

For a book about friendship and relationships with a mix of rumours, drama and personal growth just read Take Three Girls.