Begin End Begin: A #LoveOzYA Anthology

I know a lot of you will have already read the #LoveOzYA Anthology, I really took my time while reading it. However, I have finished it now! So keep reading for mini reviews and general thoughts on each story included in Begin End Begin.

One Small Step … by Amie Kaufman
This story was very interesting. I now find myself now wanting to read a book about people living on Mars and the social media involved with that. It didn’t matter that she was a Martian, she still wasn’t sure what she wanted or how to please her parents or if that special someone liked her back. So relatable, she just lives on Mars!

I Can See The Ending by Will Kostakis
At the beginning of this story, I wasn’t really sure where this was going… But I think I really liked the possible futures he saw. Knowing what was going to happen but still not preparing – pretty powerful procrastinating! We will never know what’s going to happen in our futures before so therefore we are allowed to freak out and not know how to react. I might need some good recommendations of books about psychics.

In A Heartbeat by Alice Pung
I loved this one! The way it was told was so beautiful. Like a letter, or a story in her head she’s telling her unborn child. I feel like I really learnt a lot about these characters in such a short time. Gosh it was just so beautiful. 

First Casualty by Michael Pryor
I’m not very into sci-fi, I couldn’t picture a lot with this story. I didn’t really get it, only because it’s not this thing. The story had some over arching themes about politics, refugees and immigration which I appreciated. 

Sundays by Melissa Keil
Oh this one is just beautiful! I love the way all the story is in one night, because even though all the different relationships would make a great YA novel or movie. This story could even last over the last few months of school, but we still got everything in one night! I also liked the kind of Friends/sitcom references. Three girls, three guys, romance, friendship, sibling like relationships. Classic but great. 

Missing Persons by Ellie Marney
Bits of this story seemed a bit out of place for me, actually a better way to describe is I feel like they skipped a bit. Maybe I skipped a bit… Anyway, not that I am also from the middle of nowhere, I also went to all 12 years of actual high school but I appreciate the daunting move to a city. I think moving to Melbourne would be a huge shock for me and I live in a small city. In any new place, friendship is a real asset. Finding people is so important, I think this story covered that.

Oona Underground by Lili Wilkinson
This one was so damn cool! Reminded me of an Enid Blyton novel almost, meeting strange characters on a journey to reach a special destination. Like the little man who offered them Milo? He was so cool. Sorry I’m a sucker for the Aussie-ness. I’m so fascinated by destiny and the different kinds of destiny that people believe in, this story was so magical.

The Feeling From Over Here by Gabrielle Tozer
Oh, Gab you’ve done it again! This story almost seems the most simple, but still so moving! I relate, like I’m sure so many do, to coming back to that person. The one who you liked and never told or maybe did tell and nothing happened or maybe something happened and now you hate them… There’s always a person and I loved how they came back together. Revisiting someone from the past like that, it’s so meaningful. I would read this whole book. 

Last Night at the Mount Solemn Observatory by Danielle Binks
Really interesting to put the perspective of Year 12 graduates moving on from a younger perspective. The story wasn’t about ‘oh we’re all parting ways, it’ll never be the same!’ It was more like ‘I don’t understand, why are you all leaving if you’re friends?’ Because if you aren’t up to it yet, you just don’t get it. I couldn’t particularly relate as I am the oldest in my family, so I never watched someone else’s after high school transition but it seems right to me. I did relate to being a slight outsider to a group though, I’m sure so many people experience that with their siblings or maybe a friend’s other group. 

Competition Entry #349 by Jaclyn Moriaty
Firstly, I loved the way this one was written. So cool! I felt this whole over lying message over overthinking, which I found charming, funny and far to relatable. I also liked the way we saw our main characters family. Observing your family can be exactly like this, you don’t realise the little things your siblings or parents can notice. The ending was also super cute. 


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  1. I like that we felt similarly about most of these short stories. There were only about… 3 or 4 that I was unimpressed with. Honestly, some of these were genius, in the way they were told, and the way they make you feel. 🙂 I adored Competition Entry #349, Oona Underground, The Feeling From Over Here and One Small Step…!


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