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Rereading Harry Potter as an Adult – Part 3

Well here we are, I finished the series! I’m so bummed I didn’t finish it before the end of June because that would have wrapped it up in three months but a week or so extra isn’t that bad. As this is part three of this little blog series, you can read part one here and part two here.
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

  • I think this is the first time we see a lot of Dumbledore at once. He intrudes on the Dursley’s living room, reads muggle magazines for the knitting patterns, and takes Harry on a detour before dropping him off at the Burrow.
  • I used to think it was funny the way the girls all disliked Fleur and called her Phlegm. But now it seems pretty bitchy, they basically don’t like her because she’s beautiful. Bit disappointing really.
  • The parallel between the trio talking to Malfoy in Madam Malkins to when Harry meets him for the first time in that shop six years ago is insane. Hagrid is even waiting outside.
  • After five books of the twins doing funny pranks, breaking rules etc. to basically show us immediate success really shows how smart they are. I mean they really meet the needs of their customers with the shield hats, they’re not just random Skiving Snack Boxes or Canary Creams.
  • As much as they dislike Snape, he is a great teacher. Although a little bias when it comes to his students.
  • A few people ask Harry about Quidditch trials. When he says that Katie Bell doesn’t need to try out because she’s been on the team for years, he has a point. We’ve never seen tryouts before except to replace Oliver Wood after he graduated and then to replace Harry and the twins when they were banned. Harry never even really tried out and there has been no evidence of try outs in previous years. Why should Katie try out this year when she hasn’t in past years?
  • When Hermione finds out Harry praised her to Slughorn and Ron’s response is, ‘You are the best in our year! I’d’ve told him so if he asked me!’ Oh Ron. He just wants Hermione to know that he thinks she’s amazing.
  • Most of the details about the story of Voldemort’s parents that Dumbledore ‘guessed’ I had forgotten until reading it that it wasn’t part of the memories they viewed. I have always treated that information as the facts, not Dumbledore filling in the gaps.
  • When Hermione says Harry’s never been more fanciable, mentions the scar on his hand and that he’s grown over the summer and then Ron butts in. ‘You can see where the brain got me’, ‘I’m tall’ oh Ron. Might as well scream, HERMIONE NOTICE ME
  • OMG when Harry swaps the covers on his book so that he can keep the Prince’s copy, in brackets it says Hermione looks scandalised. I would have reacted the same way, if not worse. Once when I was at uni I saw someone highlight in a text book and I involuntary yelped.
  • While Ron and Hermione are talking about Slughorn’s Christmas party and Harry is just trying to listen, so cute!
  • Then he starts considering what it would be like if they started dating because he doesn’t want to lose either of them
  • Chapters of sexual tension and arguments and then we get the scene with the birds after Hermione and Harry see Ron with Lavender. It’s so powerful. In the book and the movie it’s this perfect defining moment where it’s clear that Hermione definitely likes Ron and though we pretty much know he likes her, he’s scared and has started a relationship with Lavender.
  • Harry’s obsession with Malfoy really shows us how he’s had a turn for the worse with all the pressure. We see it before Harry is close to realising what’s going on.
  • Also. Crabbe and Goyle have been taking poly juice potion all year to look like first year girls. Woaaahhhhhh I clearly forgot or did not recognise that in previous readings.
  • Oh when Harry takes the Felix and Lavender sees Ron and Hermione coming down from the boy’s dormitory together. Damn that’s funny because woah that would look so bad.
  • I love that throughout this whole book, Harry’s feelings for Ginny are described as the creature in his chest. It’s called your heart Harry.
  • The saddest part about the end of this book is Harry telling Hagrid that Snape killed Dumbledore. Hagrid has always defended Snape and Dumbledore has always taken care of Hagrid. Just awful.
  • Tonks telling Lupin that she doesn’t care that he is a werewolf in front of everyone is a particularly warming moment in this sad spot.
  • ‘Bill remained under Madam Pomfrey’s care. His scars were as bad as ever, in truth, he now bore a distinct resemblance to Mad Eye Moody….’ HOLY MOLY – guys, just in case you didn’t know, the actor that plays Bill Weasley is the son of the actor that plays Mad-Eye Moody.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  • Dudley is so nice in the end. Vernon is still unbelieving and unaware, whereas Dudley (and as we learn) Petunia, have both experienced magic. So they know that Harry is right.
  • Did Joanne write Harry showing Hedwig his cupboard to make us ever sadder when she dies? I mean reading that, knowing this time that she’ll be dead within hours, so sad.
  • Harry is tastier then Crabbe and Goyle. That’s all.
  • Two deaths already. I think the worst thing about Mad Eyes Death is that they don’t get his body back.
  • The first legal spell Harry performs is Accio glasses. Kind of the wizard equivalent of going on a Macca’s (McDonald’s for the non-Aussies) run as soon as you have your license. You don’t need to, but now you can!
  • Ron gives Harry a book about charming girls. Point A: he knows that Harry is into, and just recently broken up with his sister. Point B: he admits that the previous year at school he would have known how to break up with Lavender properly and tell Hermione, who he doesn’t mention by name, that he’s into her. Point C: IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT WANDWORK. WOW.
  • The way Harry observes Hermione and Ron’s interactions is so adorable, because he knows. Ron compliments her, so Harry assumes that there is a chapter on compliments in that book.
  • Hermione tells Hagrid ‘we’re fine’. They’re a ‘we’.
  • Dumbledore refers to it as a Deluminator. We just didn’t know what it was called before!
  • The wizarding wedding ceremony is beautiful. Two faithful souls, bonded for life.
  •  In Krum’s presence, Ron takes action! He even asks Hermione to dance!
  •  Knowing why the Death Eaters found them in the muggle world, is kind of frustrating. Just don’t talk so openly!
  • I feel so bad for Remus, he just never wanted to harm Tonks or her family and by loving her and marrying her he thinks he’s done that.
  • Referring to the capture and slight beating of Mundungus, ‘One more for luck, Master Harry?’ Hilarious. You go Kreatcher.
  • I think the change in Kreatcher is so important because it really shows that some respect is all that is needed to get along and earn respect in return.
  • This reread is when I’ve really found how Ron left and how he must have been feeling the saddest. I guess until you’ve thought someone you love actually loves someone else, or lost a friend that way you don’t really know how it feels.
  • To this day I do not understand the snake/Bathilda thing. Cannot comprehend what happened at all.
  • Sometimes I think that Dumbledore didn’t tell Harry about his past because he thinks it isn’t relevant. To be fair, it’s kind of not.
  • Hermione is so determined that the Hallows don’t exist. That the Tale of the Three Brothers is just a story, even though they’re witches and wizards so they know that these kinds of objects exist. Because it’s in a fairy tale book, it can’t possibly be true.
  • I forgot that Hermione kissed Ron after he said that they needed to order the House Elves to leave.
  • Harry both being glad that they’re finally admitting their feelings but also grabbing their attention by yelling ‘Oi there’s a war going on here!’ Is the best thing ever.
  • Oh and then when they face the Dementors and Harry can’t produce his patronus. Luna, Seamus and Ernie are probably thinking about their family, while Hermione and Ron know that if they make it through they can be together. Meanwhile Harry already has no family, members of his extended family have already died and he has no idea if Ginny is safe.
  • How did I never realise that Teddy Lupin is like Harry and Neville? I already knew from various fan sources that there are symbolic reasons for many deaths in this series. Teddy is left as an orphan of war, just like Harry was at the beginning of the series. But isn’t he also raised by his Grandmother? Like Neville was after his parents were taken from him by Death Eaters. So similar.

Well that’s it.. I’ve finished the series for the umpteenth time. I don’t know how many times I’ve read this series. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed my insights and reading these blog posts. Let me know what you think!


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