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I was tagged by Cass from Words on Paper to do this fun tag, and Cass I had been thinking I should do another tag so you were right on time!

  1. Reading on the couch or in bed?

BOTH! But for the purpose of answering, I’ll say couch. Holding a heavy book above your head while lying down is kinda hard guys.

  1. Male main character or female main character?

Female… only because generally, as a female, I can relate more. But that isn’t always the case and I also love male main characters. But I think we need more female leads in the world.

  1. Sweet snacks or salty snacks when reading?

Sweet, as if I am going to eat while reading, I usually have tea and a biscuit. But I’d be lying if I said I never ate potato chips or corn chips while reading.

  1. Trilogies or quartets?

I don’t think I’ve ever read a quartet… so trilogies!

  1. First person POV or third person POV?

Tough. With first person you get everything that’s going on inside their head, which is cool. Yeah I pick first person point of view!

  1. Reading at night or in the morning?

At night for sure, I usually always read before bed. But I do love waking up and reading on weekend mornings before breakfast.

  1. Libraries or book stores?

I don’t go as often as I should, but libraries. You can find so many great books you might not have otherwise.

  1. Books that make you laugh or make you cry?

Definitely laugh. I mean if a book makes me really sad sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve enjoyed it.

  1. Black book covers or white book covers?

I think I’ll go with black, purely because white would get dirty easier.

  1. Character driven or plot driven stories?

Character driven sounds, and can be, a bit boring. But I have read a few good books all about the characters personal journey. Still, I’m going to have to pick plot driven.


This was a really fun tag! Actually made me think a bit more than I thought. If you want, give this one a go! I’d love to see your answers!




4 thoughts on “This or That – Book Tag

  1. Yeah, trilogies definitely are more common. I didn’t even think of that for white covers! Maybe because I’m so protective of all my books that none of them get dirty anyway. 🙂 And yeah, I can respect your answer for the books-that-make-you-laugh-or-cry question. Books that make you laugh certainly are more fun to read! Thanks for doing the tag, reading it was fun.

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  2. Oh this is fun! I’ve actually never thought about a lot of these before. For example, I cannot snack on anything while reading – But I love having a drink!!


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