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Rereading Harry Potter as an Adult – Part 2

This time round, I’ll be sharing thoughts I had while rereading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Read part 1, about the first three books here.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • When reading the descriptions of Bill and Charlie, for the first time, I pictured them as very attractive.
  • Percy is not boring. Cauldron thickness actually sounds super important and should have regulations to prevent accidents.
  • Harry talks about seeing toddlers doing magic with their parents wands at the World Cup, but isn’t a young child showing signs of magic important? Like how Neville was worried so someone pushed out a window? Does making giant slugs with your dads want count as ‘showing signs of magic’?
  • Ludo Bagman. Pathetic old man wearing his old Quidditch robes to a World Cup where that team isn’t even playing. In fact the twins describe England’s loss and disqualification embarrassing.
  • Bagman also gambles, makes a bet with Fred and George. Who are underage, so isn’t it illegal?
  • How the heck did the Weasley’s get tickets in the top box? Where the Minister of Magic is sitting? Plus the Malfoy’s didn’t even pay! They donated to St. Mungos and they’re Fudge’s guests.
  • Mr. Weasley ‘suddenly whipped off his glasses and polished them hurriedly on his robes.’ To look at the Veela. Mr. Weasley is totally checking out the Veela!
  • The description of the sort of trance that the Veela put over the men, specifically Harry. He wants to do something impressive, if he stopped watching terrible things would happen. All I thought was ‘magic lady bits’! They literally block their ears when they start dancing during the game so they don’t get distracted.
  • The leprechauns totally flipped off the Veela!
  • Ron wants to go for the Triwizard tournament to be better than his brothers. Like with the Mirror of Erised in the first book. Poor Ron.
  • What happens to the other students at the other schools, do they just go without their headmaster all year? Do the students who are at Hogwarts for the tournaments take lessons?
  • Harry describes the other champions as tall.
  • The champions don’t have to take their end of year exams. So I guess Cedric doesn’t get his NEWTS qualifications…
  • House elves: Winky said her mother and grandmother both served the Crouches. Do they mate? Do wealthy wizard families get their elves together to have elf children so that they can continue to serve? How long do house elves live?
  • Is butterbeer slightly alcoholic? I feel like there are some references throughout the series, I mean the three broomsticks is a bar. And it’s stronger for house elves?
  • Krum is 18 and Hermione is 14… I never considered their age difference before but I don’t really approve of it. I mean an 18 year old professional Quidditch player and a 14 year old top of her class student? It’s so odd. Even though Krum is so sweet to Hermione.
  • When discussing the house elves and SPEW, Hermione says, ‘It’s just bigotry isn’t it?’ Basically hitting the nail on the head there.
  • The article about Hagrid, does no one else except Draco get the paper delivered? But then of course, Hermione starts subscribing to stop finding stuff out from the Syltherins.
  • I love all their assumptions about Hagrid: engorgement charm, swallowed skele-gro etc. Meanwhile classic Harry is just like ‘oh maybe some people are that tall.’
  • Is Rita Skeeter another illegal animagis? The only legal one we meet must be McGonagall.
  • If Harry had just taken the cup like Cedric told him too, he wouldn’t have died. But then Harry would have been one of those people who when someone says ‘oh no, you go’ and goes. We don’t ever really mean it when we tell someone to go first or eat the last thing etc.
  • After Voldemort calls the Death Eaters, he starts telling Harry about his family. Like he’s just waiting for his friends to show up so oh just killing time talking.
  • ‘One too cowardly to return, he will pay. One who I believe has left me forever, he will be killed of course… and one who remains my most faithful servant, and who has already reentered my service.’ I always thought the cowardly one was Snape and then the faithful one is Barty Crouch Jr. as we find out. But really the cowardly one is Kararoff, and the one who has left is Snape. When it comes to the end and Snape plays for both sides he has to prove himself by killing Dumbledore.
  • Dumbledore tells Sirius to get in contact with people, Remus, Mundungus and ARABELLA FIG. Who Harry has known his whole life but he makes no connection.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • And Mrs. Fig shows up and Harry has no idea still. Dumbledore mentioned her name less then a month ago but no connection is made.
  • After the Dementor attack, Harry still knows nothing about what’s going on and gets frustrated. Don’t leave the house. No more magic. When I was younger I thought he deserved to know and now, even though I’m only a few years older I think ‘they’re trying to protect you Harry! Geeeez!’
  • Okay it’s book five, Moody refers to it as a Put Outer. When does it become a Deluminator? Or is it because Harry doesn’t know what it’s called?
  • ‘He’s not your son.’ ‘He is as good as.’ Oh Molly, yes Harry is your son.
  • Here’s how bad the Dursley’s are. Harry has fun cleaning a house full of pests and various magical insects that no one has lived in for over a decade. What teenage boy likes cleaning?
  • The trial is so ridiculous. The whole Wizenmagot and led by the Minister of Magic for an underage magic trial. Like how do they have the time, money and resources for this? It is all just because it’s Harry!
  • ‘Can squibs see Dementors?’ Thats so discriminatory.
  • Poor Ron. I mean there are so many instances throughout the series that indicate how badly he wants to outshine his brothers, then he ends up being Harry Potters best friend and when he is made a prefect, like brothers before him, no one can even believe it because they thought it would be Harry.
  • Neville telling Harry the password to the common room and knowing he’ll be able to remember it because it’s a plant. Clear foreshadowing that Neville really comes into his own during this book. He becomes a more prominent character and a more skilled wizard.
  • I love when Hermione says she probably won’t give the boys her notes. She’s been carrying them for the past five years!
  • ‘Can’t you give it a rest? You’re always having a go at each other, it’s driving me mad’ it’s just sexual tension Harry, don’t worry.
  • I LOVE that Hermione threatens to tell Mrs. Weasley if the twins don’t stop testing on students. Brilliant.
  • I burst out laughing when Harry recites their homework list and Ron says, ‘oh and it looks like it’s going to rain!’ Then Hermione asks, ‘What’s that got to do with homework?’ and Ron blushes, responding, ‘nothing’. So cute, I love Ron.
  • Both of Dobby’s helpful moments, the gillyweed in the previous book and finding the Room of Requirement in this one, are both given to Neville in the movies. I really appreciate that, shows Neville’s growth.
  • When they go to see Arthur in St. Mangos and Tonks said it should just be family first, so Harry steps back. The way Mrs. Weasley says he’s being silly, that Arthur wants to thank him, it’s so sad that Harry still doesn’t feel like he really is a part of the Weasley family.
  • Is the OWL grade ‘Troll’ real? They already have two failing grades, it really seems like something the twins have made up… but no one corrects them.
  • Harry and Cho’s date really shows how young Harry is. He doesn’t get it. Their relationship is pretty anticlimactic, which I think is good. Because this series doesn’t have their characters in perfect relationships right away, they all date other people before who they end up with.
  • When Harry watches Snape’s memory, it’s the first time he learns anything real about his parents personalities. So of course, it’s pretty shocking.
  • Hermione made Ron a study schedule. He even says, ‘Oh you’ve given me one night off a week!’ Only to learn that it’s for Quidditch practice.
  • I don’t know if Harry could have been more smug about his Defence Against The Dark Arts OWL examination.
  • The fact that Hermione deliberately leads Umbridge, a high up ministry offical and Headmistress, into the Forbidden Forest where she knows she’ll be seriously injured? That’s really not a very nice thing to do!

Well I hope you can relate to some of these and enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for part 3!



5 thoughts on “Rereading Harry Potter as an Adult – Part 2

  1. “It’s just the sexual tension Harry” Bahahaha so true. I’m enjoying reading your thoughts on the series – funny how many things we miss when we’re younger and just so into the story!


  2. I love the idea of revisiting the Harry Potter series and analysing the little things and having commentary about it all. I skimmed much of it, just because my knowledge of the details is pretty sketchy. I chuckled at the comment about Harry being naive with Cho, and I completely agree – I’m glad that they all dated other people before getting together with the ones they were meant to end up with. 🙂

    Btw – I tagged you in the This or That book tag! If you haven’t already done it, I’d love to see your responses. 🙂


  3. LOVE this! It’s not helping my HP obsession though! Every time I go to read a new book, I quit after 2 pages and go back to the HP series AGAIN! ha! Love this post – thanks for sharing!


  4. hahaha I had SO many of the same thoughts while reading these books. Order of the Pheonix is my favorite! It’s so dark, but so intense and descriptive I feel like I’m living in it. Love these posts! Can’t wait for part 3!


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