Remind Me How This Ends by Gabrielle Tozer

It’s the summer after high school ends and everyone is moving on. Winning scholarships. Heading to uni. Travelling the world. Everyone except Milo Dark. Milo feels his life is stuck on pause. His girlfriend is 200km away, his mates have bailed for bigger things and he is convinced he’s missed the memo reminding him to plan the rest of his life. Then Layla Montgomery barrels back into his world after five years without so much as a text message.

As kids, Milo and Layla were family friends who shared everything – hiding out in her tree house, secrets made at midnight, and sunny afternoons at the river. But they haven’t spoken since her mum’s funeral. Layla’s fallen apart since that day. She pushed away her dad, dropped out of school and recently followed her on-again-off-again boyfriend back to town because she has nowhere else to go. Not that she’s letting on how tough things have been.

What begins as innocent banter between Milo and Layla soon draws them into a tangled mess with a guarantee that someone will get hurt. While it’s a summer they’ll never forget, is it one they want to remember?

I loved Gabrielle Tozer’s other books, The Intern and Faking It, when I read them two years ago. I didn’t even really know what Remind Me How This Ends was about until I started reading it. I was definitely not disappointed as Tozer delivered another beautiful story. Just like before, I feel like I read it at the right time.

We begin with Milo and Layla in relationships that seem like they should work out, until you realise they can’t. Everything is changing – who they are and what they want. As they were good childhood friends, Milo and Layla feel like they don’t know each other anymore. When really, they both need reminding of who they used to be in order to move forward.

I think this book is important for a few reasons. It displays some different relationship issues that come with change. Just because you’ve been with someone through some tough times, doesn’t mean you owe them anything or that it should be enough. Just because you had a plan with somebody doesn’t mean you have to stick to it because of what used to be.

As I got toward the end of this book, I imagined a neat and happy situation for Milo and Layla. I imagined how I thought the story would end, their happy ending. The ending I read was far better. I would definitely say is still happy, just in a different way. I just loved it because I think it’s so realistic.

This book was funny, happy, sad and real. Everyone experiences these changes, we all know how it feels. Along with everything else Gabrielle Tozer has ever written or will ever write, I definitely recommend Remind Me How This Ends.


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  1. I actually preferred her short story in the new Aus YA short story anthology collection, but I did appreciate that this book had some focus on what happens after high school. I don’t seem to read enough of YA that follows post-high school days. The complacency of Milo kind of grated on me a bit though, and I dunno, didn’t feel a spark that I was expecting. Maybe I built this one up in my head too much, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Oh, and I too appreciated the ending. It wasn’t just your typical happy ending. 🙂 Great review!

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