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For all of us bibliophiles, how we organise our bookshelves is of great importance. I don’t know about you, but I take it very seriously. Okay, not really. However, I do enjoy aesthetically appealing bookshelves. We all just want them to look awesome! Like us all, I’ve had many different stages and styles of bookshelf organisation.

1This is first example of my bookshelf, is in a time when I didn’t really have a lot of time and/or money for books. Also, this picture is right after I’d moved I think, a lot of books were packed (note, no Harry Potter books? That’s the giveaway). You can also see some of my university textbooks up in the corner, gone are the days where those live on my main bookshelf!


Next, the book collection has grown a bit.2 Still not organised in any way at all. Unless you count hardcover on the top shelf and paperback on the second shelf organised? On the plus side, my Harry Potter books are out. This was the state of my bookshelf in October 2014, just over a year before I started my bookstagram account.

As my book collection expanded, I got a new bookshelf. I painted it pale blue/minty green myself, which you can probably tell. This new bookshelf has since been dedicated to my university textbooks, DVD collection and my series are kept on the top shelf. Basically a Harry Potter shelf, along with Hunger Games and Divergent.


Ahhhh, rainbow shelves. Obviously, the organisation method here is by colour. My grandparents thought it was weird, but my bookshelves looked this way not soon after I’d joined bookstagram in April 2016. If this doesn’t show the book collection rate, I had to rearrange my bookshelves again in June.

3 4

5At some point between then and now, I decided against the rainbow shelves. I ended with this look, which has a lot more little organisation secrets that make me seem crazy. I stacked by author (see the piles of Rainbow Rowell, John Green and Cecelia Ahern), by my read and unread. I also attempted to sort between young adult, contemporary and ‘other’. Not really obvious to anyone else but me most likely. As you can see by the little piles of books on top of other books, I was due to rearrange. This just looks messy to me, which is amazing because some peoples ‘messy’ shelves look amazing!


16908740_361999050866744_7047622027963793408_n1Finally, I rearranged my bookshelves this week. I mostly abandoned separation by genre and tried to mix everything up so it looked colourful. I still kept authors together, my stacks of Rainbow Rowell, John Green and Cecelia Ahern are still there! The bottom shelf includes memoirs, some of my childhood books, classics and my Roald Dahl sets. compared to the above picture, these shelves just look much more clean and organised, though somewhat eclectic.

So there you have it, apparently I organise my bookshelves by colour or not at all. How do you organise your bookshelves?


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  1. I love how you can see the stages of your book collection growing! I’m completely the same. I have a main bookshelf in my room which is dedicated to my favourites (or books I’ve bought myself) and then two other shelves where I store second hand and review copies which I’ll likely give away when I finish them. I used to religiously sort by height/size but last year I tried to combat my minor OCD about books and just mix things up! I group roughly in terms of topic on one shelf with all my feminist books together and then my journalism related and other non-fiction books. Then I group by covers which just kind of look good together haha. And try to keep authors together. Bottom shelf is Harry Potter and all my big hardbacks! Love your new organisation 🙂


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