Top 10 Romances

Well here we are, Valentine’s Day! Day of love, a perfect day to do my very first Top Ten Tuesday! Started by The Broke and The Bookish, I’m so excited let’s do this! My Top 10 Romances are:

  1. Ron and Hermione, from the Harry Potter series

Oh, they are my first real ship and such an amazing couple! No matter what anyone says, Ron and Hermione are perfect for eachother.tumblr_mltjc1rfdf1s03mf1o6_500

  1. Peeta and Katniss, from The Hunger Games series

These two really had a rough romance, was it real? Was it all for the camera? But their moments behind the scenes, and when Katniss tells him its real? Goosebumps.tumblr_o0750umtqm1r1wyxno1_500

  1. Harry and Ginny, from the Harry Potter series

How can you not love Harry and Ginny? Falling for his best friends sister was bound to happen when Ginny was that awesome.4e58f1f60231269914b16a2e6ecdfcd7

  1. Tris and Four, from the Divergent series

I love Tris and Four because while they have their struggles, they’re pretty much together from the word go. We didn’t have to wait to read their love story.tris-four-kiss_zps170c6afa

  1. Charlie and Sam, from The Perks of Being A Wallflower

Not exactly the perfect relationship, but the way Charlie loves Sam is something else. Just wanting her to be happy even if its without him, because they also had a wonderful friendship.tumblr_n385i9p7ac1r7nfk4o3_250

  1. Rosie and Alex, from Love, Rosie

They just kept missing each other. Until they couldn’t miss each other anymore. They get so close so many times and they’re just so perfect for each other!tumblr_inline_obdgc10wq11rifr4k_540

  1. Cath and Levi, from Fangirl

Cath and Levi have such a cute relationship, I just love that Cath has absolutely no idea how to navigate really liking a boy or having a boyfriend. It’s so realistic.

  1. Katie and Alex, from Safe Haven

This is the only Nicolas Sparks book I have actually read, because it is my favourite movie of his. Katie and Alex just made it through it all.tumblr_muxhw59ldn1rkmofxo9_400

  1. Hazel and Gus, from The Fault In Our Stars

How can you not love the sweet story of Hazel and Gus? He is the kindest, sweetest and though Hazel tried she couldn’t help falling in love with him.tfios-gus-hazel-kiss-gif.gif

  1. Simon and Baz, from Carry On

I love Simon and Baz because they are so different. Not only from each other, but from anyone else. Wizards, vampires, whatever, they still came together no matter what they thought they should be.


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