Scrappy Little Nobody

Anna, I was so excited to read your book when I first heard about it, and now months later I have finally read it. You did not disappoint.

Anna Kendrick started off as a child Broadway star, in her Tony nominated role in High Society. You probably know her from the successful Pitch Perfect movies, but her familiar face has had many other roles. She received many nominations for her role in Up In The Air, including Academy Awards, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild.

At only 31, it is not surprising that Anna has enough to share for her own memoir. Scrappy Little Nobody covers her theatre days and first acting jobs when she was still living in Maine, when no one cared that she was in actual movies or nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Then following her to her early days in LA, which was one of my favourite parts! Sharing stories of her roommates, relationships and everything else that comes with life in your early 20s.

Anna also discussed her early success and how success isn’t what it always looks like. I think a line that will stick with me, regarded Twilight versus Up In The Air. “Without Twilight, me and my Oscar nom would have been sleeping in my car.”

I first loved Anna in her role as Bella’s sassy friend Jessica in the Twilight series. The way she talked about Edward and the Cullens, her rant about zombie movies and of course, her tumblr_mc7l6diz5x1r4gq4jo1_500hilarious speech at their wedding. Reading about Anna’s experience with these movies was so interesting. We all think that as soon as someone gets a role, they’re set. Reading about Anna’s experiences really changed the way I think about all that.

Of course as the book goes on Anna discusses her more recent success in both Pitch Perfect movies and the 2014 ensemble cast musical hit, Into The Woods. A huge fan of both, I loved Anna in these movies and I love those movies. I am a bit of a behind the scenes nerd and gaining insight into her Cinderella costume, the scene in Pitch Perfect that Anna isn’t actually in, and the reason the hotel that the Breaking Dawn cast stayed in freaked her out.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who thought Anna was funny in Twilight, charming in Up In The Air or learnt the moves to ‘Cups’. Anna Kendrick is hilarious, talented and so much fun to watch and read about.



4 thoughts on “Scrappy Little Nobody

  1. I am currently reading the book and I am enjoying it. The most irritating part of the book is that, not being an American, I can’t understand a lot of the references. But yes, the book is still pretty hilarious even without me understanding the whole thing.


  2. I love Anna so I really wanted to love this book but I didn’t 😦 I thought she tried a little too hard to come across as an “outsider” and not a regular celebrity. Loved your review tho!


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