2017 Reading Resolutions


Last year, my reading habits and the types of books I read were all over the place. I am hoping to be a bit better this year, so I thought that for the first time I would make some reading resolutions!

  1. Read 30 Books

This is my reading goal for the year, and one of my New Years resolutions for that reason! I read 30 books last year, but that was under my goal. So for 2017 hopefully I can achieve the goal I set!

  1. Read ‘the next one’

This resolutions applies to a handful of duologies and trilogies, where I read the first in 2016. For example, ‘Gemina’ of the ‘Illuminae’ series and ‘Perfect’ the sequel to ‘Flawed’ by Cecelia Ahern.

  1. Read a new series

I did not want to make it too specific, but really I want to read the ‘Lunar Chronicles’ series. If I end up reading a different series, that’s okay, but I really feel it’s time for a new series in my life!

  1. Read three classics

I have definitely not read enough of those books that for some reason everyone reads in high school except me. Classics. I mean I’ve read a few, but this year I will read at least three more.

  1. Read more memoirs/biographies

I really enjoy reading about the lives of people I admire. I have so many of them on my TBR, so I’d love to tick a few off this year! I’m particularly looking forward to reading ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’ by Anna Kendrick.

Here’s to the next year of reading!


8 thoughts on “2017 Reading Resolutions

  1. Great goals!! I had a bad habit of starting books and then losing interest in them last year so my goal in 2017 is to just be a little more critical of what I pick so I don’t lose steam as easily!


  2. Great goals girl! Looking forward to discussing some of these books with you! One of my reading resolutions is to read more non-fiction and memoirs too 🙂


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