Top 5 Books of 2016

2016 sure has been one of those years where everyone seems to have had a bad time, so in the spirit of the New Year and my new blog I thought I’d reflect on my favourite reads of the past year. So in no particular order, here are my favourite reads of 2016!


  1. Yes, My Accent in Real by Kunal Nayyar.

My first read of the year really sparked an extra interest in memoirs and biographies. I’d read others before, read others in the past year and have more on my TBR list. I did not know a whole lot about Kunal Nayyar’s story, apart from his success on The Big Bang Theory. Reading about his childhood in India and his move to America definitely added more depth to his on screen persona. Then learning about how he fell in love with acting, how he got his role on the now incredibly popular sitcom only made me appreciate this character, show and actor so much more. Learning about people’s lives and stories give us so much insight into who they are and what they love.


  1. Flawed by Cecelia Ahern.

I am a huge fan of Cecelia Ahern’s work. I think I read four of her books in 2016, but I picked her young adult debut for my top 5 list. Flawed is the story of a girl who realizes all the rules around her might not be as good as the thought. Jumping from one side of the law to the other, she fights for what she believes in. I found the story very captivating and the concept of the rules and laws of the world to be incredibly interesting. I could not be more excited for Perfect, the second in this duology, to be released in 2017.


  1. Maestra by L.S. Hilton

Since I read Maestra I have been recommending it left and right. I have never read anything like this book before, but I know that is not why I loved it so much. Your new favourite female character is Judith, who dreams of working in the art world. Her night job as a hostess at a bar and her private activities lead to an offer that takes her down a very interesting path. This is the kind of book that will keep you thinking for a while, I know I did. Simply put, there are three words to describe this book; thrilling, interesting and intriguing.


  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by John Tiffany

There were a lot of differing opinions on this book, but personally I loved it. Yes, it wasn’t written by JK Rowling, but she isn’t a playwright. I think people wanted and expected an 8th Harry Potter novel, but I didn’t. As a bit of a theatre nerd I loved the chance to read the script, especially since I thought we would all miss out on Cursed Child. Hopefully I’ll be able to see the stage play some day, but for now, I loved the script.


  1. Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell is another one of my favorite authors, I read more of her work this year too. Landline was such an interesting story to me and used time in a very cool way. I really enjoyed this book, and not just because two of the main characters are sitcom writers. Georgie has been friends and writing partners with Seth for a long time, and she also loves her husband Neal very much. When Neal and their daughters visit the grandparents at Christmas she gets the chance to talk to a younger Neal and perhaps fix her marriage problems before they really start. The story is about what we all wonder, whether we would change some things if we had the opportunity.


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