Harry Potter

How To: Make Sorting Cupcakes

We’ve all seen many, many Harry Potter recipe videos and on Pinterest. When I celebrated #HarryPotterBookNight with some friends, I decided to make Sorting Cupcakes! I’m actually gluten intolerant, so I found a gluten free chocolate cupcake recipe on BBCGoodFood. Any cupcake recipe should work though. Ingredients: 250g Butter, At room temperature 250g Caster Sugar… Continue reading How To: Make Sorting Cupcakes


How To: Get Out of a Reading Slump

I’ve never considered reading slumps or book hangovers that much. I’ve probably said before that certain books left me with a book hangover, or that I was stuck in a slump. Turns out, I don’t really think I’d ever experienced one until a couple of weeks ago. Every other time I thought I was in… Continue reading How To: Get Out of a Reading Slump